The residences, which have been frequently preferred in recent years, offer a safe living space with their comfort and social facilities. The rapidly increasing number of residences in big cities, especially in Dubai, has features and comforts that offer its residents more than a home. So what is the difference between a residence and an apartment? Residences are places that work and serve in the comfort of a hotel. Just like in a hotel, all kinds of cleaning, social facilities, and similar facilities are used, this is the system in residences. Residences don't need any external services, all kinds of services are already provided to them completely.


  • Security is at the highest level. It makes people feel much safer than a normal home.
  • No water or power cuts.
  • There is no parking problem.
  • Services such as gym and restaurant are provided until night hours.
  • Since it has sound insulation, there is no sound problem.
  • 7/24 technical service is available. In case of malfunction of any electronic equipment and elevator, emergency intervention is made.
  • Cleaning works are done by the personnel. For this reason, it is mostly preferred by singles.
  • There is the ease of transportation.

Residence life has advantages as well as disadvantages;

  • The residence fee is too high.
  • Not preferred by families with children.
  • Environmentally, human relations are weaker.


There are many differences between an apartment and a residence. Although residences offer a comfortable life, apartments also have some advantages over residences. Some of these advantages are;

  • Straight life is generally preferred by those who adopt family life. Ideal for families with children.
  • Cleaning, dues, etc. costs are less.
  • It has the advantage of establishing a neighbor relationship.
  • It has a warmer and more friendly atmosphere.
  • They can make the innovations they want in decoration.
  • Their monthly rent is less.

The disadvantages of the apartments are as follows;

  • They cannot receive full service 24/7 as in the residence.
  • Fewer security measures.
  • There may be problems in matters such as the gym and parking lot.

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