About us

UAE PropTech Company | zeekeez.com

Whoever you are, local or expat, buyer or seller, landlord or tenant, agent or developer,or simple curious, zeekeez is here to empower you by making all things home simple, efficient and stressless.
zeekeez is the new UAE property reference for people to explore, research and share their interests for the UAE property market.

As a PropTech company, we help both professionals and individuals to get the most complete and detailed information anytime, anywhere, with our range of innovative digital solutions – website, apps, to help you
make better decisions. We tailored an intuitive, smart and designed user experience in addition to new exclusive features.Today, more than ever, zeekeez is the unique game changer by providing unprecedented disruptive offers and solutions. Owned and operated by zeekeez limited, zeekeez and mybnbz have been launched in 2020 and is headquartered in London, United Kingdom with an regional office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. No matter what you’re after, zeekeez has your property needs covered.

Our roots

“Stop buying 4 walls”. People aren’t just looking for a house, they want to know what’s around the neighborhood and who is living in the area. We started zeekeez because we believed data-driven decision-making required better tools. Today, cards are reshuffled. Individuals and real estate professionals looking for a new home needed better data.

Our family

We’re a team of dedicated techs, engineers, designers, business minds, and strategists building the new Real Estate Property Portal to change the way people search, buy, sell, rent their home sweet home.

Our mission

“Home is where the heart is”.

Our mission is to help everyone find their nest. We empower people by making property simple, efficient and stress free. Whether you’re just beginning your property journey or have had years of experience, zeekeez is the number one place for people to come together to explore, research and share their passion for the property market.

Our values

Data driven
Opportunities matter
Humility (that’s why there is no capital letter in our company name)

Ethics & Corporate Social Responsability



We recognize that customers want to do business with a company they can trust; Trust is at the core of zeekeez.
We believe in our ability, strength, and truth of business.

Open Mind


zeekeez is open to new ideas. We ask for opinions and feedback from both customers and team members and this is why our company will continue to grow.



Regardless of the circumstances, we gained the trust of our customers and clients by being transparent, particularly if something has gone awry. We believe in honoring all commitments and obligations.

Involved in our community


We are involved in community-related issues and activities, we want to be a community contributor. We always stay involved.



We treat others with the utmost respect.
Regardless of differences, positions, titles, ages, sex, religion, origins or other types of distinctions. We treat others with professional respect and courtesy.

Environmental responsibility


zeekeez environmental responsibility initiatives aim at reducing pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, and the sustainable use of natural resources.We are a digital company, and we only use (recycled) paper when it is the only option. We used recycled and refurbished equipments whenever possible.

Human rights responsibility


Human rights responsibility initiatives involve providing fair labor practices (e.g., equal pay for equal work) and fair trade practices. We are all humans and we are all equal.

Philanthropic responsibility


Philanthropic responsibility such as funding educational programs, supporting health initiatives, donating to causes, and supporting communities are at the core of our business.

Economic responsibility


Economic responsibility initiatives involve improving zeekeez business operations while participating in sustainable practices – minimize wastage and using alternative options.