15 Top Popular Communities : All you need to know about Communities in Dubai

Browse the 15 Best Popular Areas in Dubai. Imagine you move to the UAE, Dubai to be precise, for the first time in search of a job or for personal reasons and you stay in a location that seems nice, unbeknownst to you that the idea you have of an ideal location actually exists.

Living in this “El Dorado” city has everything you need for your ultimate comfort, how amazing is that? What most first-time travelers and even expats may not know is that the city is designed to create a long-lasting memory when you leave. There are various communities that are set up to suit your everyday needs and lifestyle. This ultimate guide will give detailed information about the various communities in Dubai.

1.    Dubai Academic city

Dubai International Academic City is globally considered the largest free zone and home to both international and locally-accredited universities. Hence, expats, international and local students are the majority of the community’s residents. Not all the residential properties in this city are occupied by students though, a part of the community is occupied by families who are on a budget. Expect a budget-friendly lifestyle as residents of this community are well able to live within their means. Due to this, people relocate from other parts of the Emirate to readjust their budget. There are restaurants and a mall where students usually meet up. Neighboring communities are Dubai Silicon Oasis and International City within close proximity to Dubai International Airport and Rashidiya Metro Station.    

2.    Dubai International city

A budget-friendly community with most of your everyday needs available. Its proximity to the Academic City where several universities are located and the airport makes it a high demand environment for students. Most apartments within this community are one-bedroom and studio which is a perfect choice for a budget lifestyle. One fascinating aspect of this community is its representation of several nationalities giving rise to a variety of cultures which make expats feel at home. Though it is known for its serenity, the community has access to other cities with a vibrant nightlife via road and rail. Residents usually travel by bus to the metro station as a convenient means of getting to work or school. The community boasts of the popular Chinese mall - Dragon Mart which hosts several visitors daily. As a family-friendly environment, it is close to hospitals, schools, marts, and restaurants.

The International City Phase 2 is a developing area equipped with more than one-bedroom apartments and amenities. It provides more luxury than that of Phase 1 and a growing number of students opt for this community.

3.     Dubai Silicon Oasis

Also known as Silicon Oasis is a fast-growing community that supports commerce in technology and innovation. This free zone neighborhood supports business owners and tech startups with no income tax, 100% foreign ownership, and low costs of operation. With its proximity to the renowned universities, the community is ideal for students from other emirates and countries seeking to further their education. This budget-friendly and tranquil environment make it perfect to raise a family with all the amenities and parks needed at your fingertips. A diverse range of residential properties in Silicon Oasis such as large villas to affordable residential clusters is available. Tourists and expats in Dubai can choose this location for a vacation in this community; Premiere Inn hotel, Radisson Blu Hotel Apartments, etc. Owning a car gives faster access to other parts of the Emirate, however buses and taxis are available for the same purpose.

4.    Business Bay

Featuring various styles and designs of towers with an overview of the exquisite Dubai Canal, this mixed commercial and residential area is situated in a fast-paced community. It offers residents a variety of properties ranging from studio to a 6-bedroom apartments. For residents seeking to experience the fun of living in Dubai, this is the ideal location; a metro station away from The Dubai Mall and the Burj Khalifa. It’s in close proximity to downtown Dubai with an array of high-class restaurants in its axis. Many young professionals choose this location to live due to its close proximity to their work. Tourists aren’t left out as they can enjoy the fantastic view of the Dubai Canal during vacationing in the luxurious hotels in the community.

This community in Dubai has quite a few pavilion villas such as Executive Towers, Sky Villas, and the Marasi Floating Villas adjacent to the Dubai Canal. Some residences offer an off-plan investment in Business Bay which encourages families to invest. The less greenery in this location makes it ideal for residents with allergies to live comfortably in. Overall, this budget-friendly community is suitable for a multi-choice lifestyle.

5.    Dubai Marina

Known as one of the busiest and splendid communities, Dubai Marina has earned a name for itself with apartments for sale and flats to rent. Individuals who naturally prefer living in a bustling community and don’t mind spending some extra dirhams for comfort and fun will opt for this location. Dubai Marina offers a variety of accommodations and villas giving residents unending options which make it a city within a city for families. With all the amenities, you need within, there's no denying that you might forget other communities exist! The easiest way to get around is by taxi but trains and trams are available, if needed. Several places to explore make it ideal for tourists and expats from neighboring emirates.

Although the cost of living in Dubai Marina is quite high, it clearly doesn’t discourage those who are willing to make it their home. Dubai Marina Mall which is the biggest mall in this community sees as many daily visitors because it is located opposite the tram station.

6.    Dubai Creek Harbor

A prestigious waterfront neighborhood by Emaar located in the middle of a new vision for Dubai. This community stems from the idea of creativity and innovation for the future. Another luxurious community in Dubai for family-friendly residents located on the banks of Dubai Creek, it is equipped with the amenities and facilities to give you comfort. Its closeness to the Dubai International Airport makes it an ideal community for frequent travelers. Lovers of wildlife will enjoy the benefits of living in Dubai Creek Harbor with over 400 animal species in the community.

7.    Al Quasis

A comfortably living on a budget especially for families is what this community offers. The cost of living in this neighborhood is relatively fair and it has various amenities such as schools, hospitals, mosques, shopping malls, and so on. Though located on the outskirts of Dubai close to the border of Sharjah, a neighboring emirate, it is a central point between the old and new Dubai. Residents who don’t commute by car have a cheaper option, buses that go to various locations within Dubai. Al Quasis offers occupants a suitable lifestyle for singles, families, and students.

8.    Bur Dubai

Away from the glitz and glam of downtown Dubai is the Bur Dubai community, often referred to as old Dubai. This traditional neighbourhood is home to the heritage of Dubai with frequent visits by tourists and expats. A vibrant community in old Dubai housing various markets, hospitals, schools, places of attraction such as museums, an Arabian tea house, and a dhow cruise. A part of the neighborhood isn’t as busy as the main Bur Dubai is which makes it a family-friendly community with its basic amenities on a budget making it an ideal location for singles and families on a budget. Approximately a 20-minute drive to the airport, it is a popular stop for tourists arriving into or leaving the country.

9.    Dubai Sports City

As its name implies, Sports City is a community for residents willing to lead an active and healthier lifestyle. Residents are often entertained by indoor sporting events in the facilities and have access to the stadium when needed. With its affluent houses, it is not uncommon to find quite expensive properties in this community in Dubai. It is a community to families and singles including working professionals who can afford this themed residential area as it has the amenities to support their lifestyle. The major means of commuting is by personal cars but there are buses which access the major cities in Dubai.

10. Downtown Dubai

This is a popular part of the Emirate, well-known for its grand architectural designs, high-class lifestyle, and fantastic side attractions to both tourists and residents with amazing apartments for sale and flats to rent. Home to the frequently visited Dubai Mall, and the Burj Khalifa, this community is in a strategic area where people can get the feel of the old and new Dubai. Hence, professionals working in neighboring communities who can afford to live in this impressive community choose it right away even though the cost of living is quite high. Its location is central to major high-class communities and top attractions in the city. Means of transportation include taxis, buses, and metro for residents without personal cars. The nightlife in downtown Dubai is exceptional as one of the communities that promises an exuberant yet elegant nightlife to all. Some of the perks of living in this magnificent community in Dubai are access to top-notch schools and medical care, a clean & classy environment, and so much more.

11. Motor City

Enjoy serenity, greenery, and luxurious accommodations in this community. It is an ideal location for small families, young professionals, and singles willing to live a peaceful lifestyle on a budget. It’s not too clustered but enough to be called a city of its own with various amenities such as schools, grocery stores, hospitals, and so on. A community that supports an active lifestyle for sports enthusiasts without disturbing those living a quiet life. Residents without private cars can get around town in a taxi.

12. Mirdif

 A classy community away from the hustling and bustling communities in Dubai, Mirdif is home to a lot of families and working professionals. Situated in a strategic location close to some malls and Dubai International Airport, it has Arabian-themed architecture and is home to both expats and locals. The major mall in this community is the City Center Mirdif which is visited by both residents of this community and neighboring communities. A combination of privately-owned cars, taxis, and buses is the means of getting around. The cost of living in this community is relatively average, especially for the villa residences.

13. City Walk

Enjoy all this community has to offer from an expensive lifestyle to creativity. This vivacious community is home to several high-end brands, restaurants, and entertainment. The apartments in this community are well designed to compete with renowned residential structures globally. The community offers its residents consisting of both locals and high-profiled a cosmopolitan lifestyle.

14. Palm Jumeirah

With its shape like a palm tree, Palm Jumeirah is an iconic destination for individuals with an affluent lifestyle. This man-made island leaves a long-lasting impression in the hearts of all who visit and reside in the community. With many places of attraction such as the sea and beaches, fancy restaurants, exotic hotels, highly-paid working professionals call it home. Additionally, tourists are not left out of the stunning community as there are various places of attraction to make this your ideal vacation spot. Don’t forget to enjoy the waterpark located in this prestigious community. The cost of living is quite high and the means of transportation is mostly by taxi or private car. There is a large range of exclusive villas and amazing apartments.

15. Deira

Enjoy the historically designed neighborhood of old Dubai if you are fascinated by history. Well-equipped to give a feel of the traditional lifestyle of the Emirate. Although not all areas in this community are designed this way, it is a combination of traditional and contemporary lifestyles. The cost of living in this community is relatively average as some areas could be quite low while others are above average. Well-suited to families and working professionals.

In summary, this extensive Dubai community guide showcases an array of high-end as well as affordable residential areas suitable for students, working professionals, singles, families, expats, and locals.

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