How to Get Visa With Real Estate Investment in UAE?

The United Arab Emirates is a developing and shining country day by day. It attracts the attention of the world day by day due to its investments in the future. That's why there are many people who want to buy real estate in the UAE and be a part of it. Especially in recent years, many investors want to shift their investments to the UAE. There are also those who want to move their residence here. So how is this achieved? How to get visa with real estate investment in UAE? How many years can a visa be obtained?

All emirates, especially Dubai, give importance to investment-oriented incentives. Emirates is becoming a center of attraction day by day, especially thanks to its investment-oriented visa programs.

UAE Real Estate Investor Visa

If you want to get a visa as an investor in the emirates, especially in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, the best way is to get a real estate investor visa. The names of some advantageous opportunities offered at this point are as follows;

  • Dubai Taskeen Program
  • Abu Dhabi Development Program
  • UAE Golden Visa
  • Retirement Visa

It is possible to reach these visas through real estate investment.

What is Dubai Taskeen Visa?

As part of the Taskeen Program, you must purchase a property worth AED 750,000 (minimum) to obtain a 3-year renewable residence visa. The main applicant can also sponsor their spouse and children. For mortgaged properties, 50% of the property value (or at least AED 750,000) has to be paid to the bank. You can only get this visa when buying a residential property in the designated freehold areas in Dubai

You need an Arabic NOC Letter to apply for this program. If the applicant couple is married, they can share the required amount of property together. One of the spouses can also apply.

What is Abu Dhabi Thrive Visa?

If you want to get a visa as a real estate investor in Abu Dhabi, it is possible to get a 10-year visa with a real estate investment of 2 million AED or more under the Thrive program. A down payment of AED 2 million for mortgage properties is required, and the minimum retention period is two years. 

What is UAE Golden Visa?

You need to invest AED 2 million for the golden visa, which is one of the most popular ways to get a visa from the United Arab Emirates. In this way, you can get a 5-year UAE visa. Here is the point you need to pay attention to;

However, the money you invest cannot be acquired via a loan. Plus, the property has to be retained for a minimum of three years. Another point to be considered for the golden visa and all other visas is that these people can also apply for a visa for their families.

What is a Retirement Visa?

Another visa opportunity available in the United Arab Emirates is the retirement gold visa or retirement visa. If you are over 55 and investing in real estate in the UAE for over AED 2 million, you can have this opportunity. However, these individuals must have at least AED 1 million in savings and a monthly income of AED 200 thousand.

The validity period of this visa is up to 5 years.

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