Since studios are small living spaces, the items to be used in decoration should be functional and portable. Let us remind you that since the area is small, there is no room for large and unnecessary items. If you are looking for a few suggestions for studio apartment decoration, you can take a look at the rest of our article.

  • First of all, if you are not using the television to save space, we recommend that you do not take unnecessary items into the room. But if you are one of those who say you can't do without a TV, you will save space and create a modern decoration by mounting the TV on the wall.
  • Portable desks are always a lifesaver. When these folding tables come to their smallest size, they create a floor where you can put your computer and work, and when you open and expand them, they become a dining table for yourself or with your friends.

1+1 Studio Decoration

The smallest studio apartments, 1+1 apartments are the places where you need to use a small area more efficiently. To use the studio flat for sale or rent in the most enjoyable way;

  • If you have a lot of books and DVDs, you can mount a shelf on the wall and place it on the shelves instead of buying a bookcase. Thus, a bookcase does not take up unnecessary space in your already small room.
  • You may like to sleep wide, but when you consider the space a double bed will occupy in your room, there won't be much room for you to move backwards. It would be more logical to choose a single bed.
  • You can place a mirror on the wall or ceiling to make the room appear larger. This will increase the feeling of depth in your room.
  • If you are uncomfortable with the kitchen smell spreading in the room, you can solve this problem by having mosquito nets or sliding doors installed.

2+1 Studio Decoration

Although it covers a larger area than a smaller version, you should still determine a suitable design for a useful 2+1 studio apartment. What you should pay attention to in this regard;

  • You can make more use of the space by choosing sliding wardrobe models instead of doors.
  • By painting your walls with light color paint, you can make the space appear larger than it is.
  • Multi-colored products make the space look more mixed and crowded. Use your preferences for solid colors.
  • Mini cabinets will be very useful instead of the big classic refrigerator.
  • You can have secret compartments, cabinets, hangers, and drawers made in the room by using the creative solutions of interior architects. You can search for transformable furniture, which has very successful examples in this regard.

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