The world is more globalized than ever before; accordingly, relocating yourself isn’t that hard now. Choosing the right place to be an expat sometimes became a crucial decision in our life. But, when it comes to relocating somewhere in the Middle-east, Dubai is one of the best places to be an expat. Have you relocated to Dubai recently or thinking of relocating? Here are some useful tips and valuable suggestions for you to enjoy your exciting journey ahead in Dubai.

Dubai, the City of Dreams

Just 40 years ago, what started as a small fishing port, now transformed itself into a modern-day miracle and a premium destination for tourist from all over the world. Dubai is home to the tallest towers, remarkable landmarks, the largest shopping malls, and its fastest in everything. Dubai is also the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates.

This city of gold had something for everyone: Surprising Business & Investments opportunities, a global hub for multinationals, real estate & infrastructure development areas. Every developed neighbourhoodhad something special, that’s why expats consider it a home-away-from-home.

Being an expat in Dubai is one of the most memorable experiences for anyone. Either you want to save some money, willing to invest, building contacts, or want to start a family- Dubai had the best answer for everything. Luxurious neighbourhoods offer everything from stylish studios, modern apartment buildings to villas with swimming pools & beachfront residencies. Infect, the city isn’t just about skyscrapers and Ferraris only - Dubai had a vast scenery, Golden beaches, glimmering creeks, and unsurpassed nightlife. The cultural diversity, social acceptance, and economic boom from the last two decades turned this city into a modern metropolis and a top choice for the expats today.

Expats life in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates had over 200 nationalities living & working. In comparison, 85% of the population in Dubai is made of expatriates; considering Dubai as their second home. As a global talent hub, the country had access to some of the best talent appealing to all professionals. Dubai had the world’s best health facilities, schools, financial institutions, shopping centres, malls, general catering public, and specific demographics.

As a top tourist destination, Dubai International Airport gives quicker connectivity to all major cities and airports globally. Centrally located among Asia & America; as an expat, you can enjoy a never-ending flight operation to the whole world. That’s why expats from all over make multiple trips to attends different events and to see their families.

Almost all the neighbourhoods & communities in Dubai offer comprehensive benefits. The Downtown is always alive with Cafés, Nightlife, and plenty of other facilities are available in this neighbourhood. On the other hand, The Marina is another gem, not only for your yachts but also a great place to live as well. Marina is a few of those areas where foreigners and expats can live with local Emiraties & other gulf nationals.

Professional Life in Dubai

Are you moving for work? Wondering: how will you manage social life? Here is the answer. “Dubai never sleeps, and always gives you opportunities to socialize”. Although, at day time you might get busy because Dubai had swift life, but at night there are plenty of options. Malls, Cinemas, and many other places stay open till midnight, while takeaways, deliveries and fast-food options run 24/7. Choose the neighborhood that is most suitable for your work as well as leisure time.


Professional, after a busy week, can spend time at the beach, doing fun activities, deserts and other great things to do. Apart from that; summers might give you hard-times but don’t let summers ruin your time. You still had many indoor activities to do. Same as the Malls, Bus Stops, crossing, bridges are fully air-conditioned. At evening time once sunsets, nothing is more beautiful than a windy walk at the beach.

Expats Women in Dubai

Dubai is the most liberal city in the Middle East, but as a single lady; if you want to relocate to Dubai, it’s necessary to understand Arab culture and how it influences by the women.

If you are a single lady moving to Dubai, so don’t be afraid because of its also one of the safest places for women. Therefore, don’t afraid to explore your own space openly. There are many areas offering fitness centres, offering yoga classes, sports activities, beauty, fashion, shopping, and many other places for leisure designed, especially for ladies where you can meet compatible women. Select a community to live, which suites best to your needs.

Moreover, there are areas with plenty of nightlife, venues, designed & made epically for women, recreational centres, where ladies can enjoy ladies-only deals each day of the week. Dubai is a great place to carry your existing hobbies in relaxing environments while making new acquaintances and friends along the way. Apart from that here are few good options for ladies in Dubai.


  • Dubai ladies club
  • Ladies night at Nikki beach, palm Jumeirah 
  • Cocoon 8, media one hotel
  • Candypants at the penthouse, five Palm Jumeirah
  • Novo cinemas ladies only offers
  • Motion lady’s fitness centre

Things to do in Dubai

Dubai had endless entertainment and ever-growing activities for all ages; you might get overwhelmed with choice. We listed down the top things to do in Dubai while living there.


1.   Visit Burj Khalifa “World Tallest Building & Largest Shopping mall in the world

Majestically 848 meters tall, The Burj Khalifa is one of the most famous landmarks globally and among tourists from all over the world. So, it should be on your “To-Do List”. It’s a modern-day miracle itself. Connect to it is the largest mall, “The Dubai Mall”. welcomes hundreds of visitors every day. The combined entrance allows you to enjoy the incredible dancing fountains. Visitors can go to observation decks at 124th & 148th floors. To save time and avoid the queue, make a booking earlier.

2.   The Dancing Fountains

Located just outside the Dubai Mall, the dancing fountains are the world’s largest man-made choreographic fountains. Set sails for a traditional Arabian dhow and enjoy the breathtaking sights. The shows run 6:00 pm to 11;00 pm with a frequency of every 30-minutes. Each show is unique, themed with traditional Arabian folk, Bollywood themes, and even classical music from James bond Themes.

3.   Desert Safari

Look to escape city life? Desert Safari is real fun to do. It’s also another best way to explore Arabian dunes closely. It’s also an opportunity to discover the forgotten traditional Arabian lifestyle. Desert Safari is something to please fearless souls who are looking for real adventures. A ride in 4x4 luxury SUV labels as the roller coaster through the Arabian dunes. This thrilling ride for half an hour allows you to capture some of the best sunsets in the world. Visitors can get a henna tattoo, wear traditional Emirati attire, and can enjoy Quad biking. This unforgettable experience ends with scrumptious barbecue dinners and traditional folk dances.

4.   The Dubai Frame

Added recently, The Dubai Frame is the latest addition to the city’s skyline. The frame divides tradition areas with the fast-paced futuristic town. Bookings are always open at official website. Enter this frame and take a look at the traditional starts of Dubai, while the other side will take you towards the latest transformation city adopted. The frame is backed with digital installations, provides a visual guide assisted with artificial intelligence.

5.   Dubai Water Canal

Opened at the end of 2016, Dubai Water Canal is a recent addition in Dubai’s waterfront attractions. The government spent 2.7 billion dirhams at the 3.2-kilometre-long canal, passages through the busiest parts of the city.

Connected to it are the jogging tracks and a 12-kilometre-long cycling track. The best time to visit the canal is when the sun is above. At night, the whole area gets drowned in lights. This beautified channel brought immense opportunities for real estate developers because it already changed the entire outlook of Busines Bay forever. Its one of the finest places for investment, one can find the best rental/seller properties and investment opportunities here. 80,000 square meters is already allocated for planned housing and other entertainment sites.

6.   The Palm Jumeirah

It’s the largest man-made island every built, its so big, even visible from space. These unimaginable wonders are only possible in Dubai. The island-shaped in a palm and had some of the world best & luxury private residences & hotels. The island had over 30 luxury hotels, but the most prominent of these is The Atlantis.

The monorail is the best way to enjoy the palm. Monorail’s station is located near to Internet city at the base of the palm. The monorail will give you a brief overview of the island. But the best part to appreciate the developments in the helicopter ride. Beautiful lagoons on the island are worth watching and give fun activities for adventure seekers. An 11-kilometre boardwalk packed with food options and souvenir stands.

7.    Dubai Garden Glow

Dubai garden glow is the best place for families, where your children’s can enjoy and learn at the same time.


The Dubai Garden Glow is near to Sheikh Zayed Road, inside Zabeel Park. The park is divided into the sections based upon different themes. It had a Garden Park, Art Park, Ice Park, and a Dinosaur Park. Each theme at the park had a different atmosphere and had a purpose for it. The glow parks had models of wildlife and trees with focused towards the importance of our environment.

This place gets transformed at night. While in the day, it looks like a regular park with sculptures and other characters. Once again, it’s the largest glow park in the world. The entire park is shaped for kids and families, but “The Dinosaur” specifically made for kids. It had more than 120 dinosaurs sculpture highlights the prehistoric species times.

8.   A Walk-Through Traditional Culture.

Are you looking for something more traditional? Escape the modern city life and visit Dubai’s heritage and explore the roots of this modern-day wonder. There is plenty to explore!

Ride the traditional wooden abra across the creek and explore the old financial hub of Deira towards shopping district of Bur Dubai.

Spend your time at local souqs, enjoy the aroma of fresh spices at the Spice Souq. View some of the most sparkling gold jewellery at the Gold Souq. The local restaurants offer traditional cuisine mixed with modern-day dishes prepared by the best chefs. Get a glimpse of early Arabesque architecture towards the pathways of the Bastakiya area (The Old Dubai).


The city had an endless list of activities that expats can see, here is another list of some of the attractions that one can enjoy.


  • Burj Al Arab – The Most luxury hotel
  • Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo
  • Jumeirah Mosque
  • Al Fahidi Historical District – Alleys of Arabian Traditions
  • La Mer – Where art manipulate with Sunny beaches
  • Quranic Park – Keeping the antiquity.
  • The House of Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum
  • Gold Souk – City of Gold
  • IMG World of Adventures
  • Motion gate Park
  • Aqua venture Water Park – Water adventure
  • Dubai Legoland
  • Alserkal Avenue – Developed for Art Only.
  • Souk Madinat Jumeirah
  • Wild Wadi – Water Adventure
  • Dubai Miracle Garden

Neighbourhoods in Dubai

Expats had plenty of choices for residential areas. Decide that you want to live near the place of your work, or you prefer amenities for your families. Studio, Apartment, or a Villa? Dubai Marina, Downtown, JLT, Business Bay, JVC, Al Barsha, International city, sports city, Educational City, Silicon oasis, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Pearl, Jumeirah Lake Towers, The Meadows, The Springs, Jebel Ali, La Mer, Jumeirah, Mirdif and many others. Every area had its benefits in terms of access and amenities. Infect, every community you choose had conveniently located restaurants, shops, gyms, access to public transport, and quicker connections to main cities.

The suburban areas offer more quieter’s residential life with best standards, open spaces, and vast parking’s available. One can choose from Emirates Hills, The Green, Arabian Ranches, Barsha South, Mirdif, Rashida and many others are ideal for families with kids if you have your car. 


As an expat, it isn’t hard to live in Dubai. Every area had all the amenities and entertainment & leisure options. Every neighbourhood had options for food, hotels, deliveries, health care, emergency services, transports, educational centres, schools, and many other entertainment options.

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