4 things to consider when buying an office for investment

United Arab Emirates offices have become the right address for investment in the developing emirates. In addition to the rental income, the fact that the office investment subsidizes itself in a much shorter time compared to the housing investment is also a big factor in this. However, there are important points to consider when choosing an office for investment. Projects that determine today's and tomorrow's working life preferences well and that offer many added values from their location, technological infrastructure, value increase, development process, and social facilities will be projects that will bring profit in the future. So what should you pay attention to when buying an office for investment purposes?

Should Be Easy To Access

One of the most important elements of an office is location. In a location open to development where public, private sector, and infrastructure investments continue, it is important that it is close to important centers, densely populated, and easily accessible to transportation vehicles. When investing in an office, you should prefer those located in a strategic location close to the main transportation arteries, where transportation is fast.

Must be Close to Social Facilities

Offices with rich social life opportunities add value to real estate. Considering that time is very valuable in busy working tempo, short distances that can maintain a social life and meet daily needs immediately stand out for working life. Demands are increasing due to living standards. For this reason, workplaces with social areas such as gyms, saunas, baths, spas, hairdressers, restaurants, and cafes attract more attention.

Should Be a Place of Business

Many residences are later used as offices. In such a case, such spaces create negative effects on the office owner, both architecturally and technically. For this reason, the quality of the project in office investment should be shaped at the beginning of the project and the equipment should be planned according to quality. Office investments, which are designed and licensed as offices/workplaces, provide convenience both in finding tenants and during sales.

Make Life Easier

In today's working conditions and in the globalizing world, office infrastructures are designed much more technologically. Use areas suitable for the work and purpose are created. Technology and comfort are becoming the center of working life and office life of the future. Office projects that add value to working life, such as common meeting rooms, security, air conditioning, lighting, internet infrastructure, camera systems, and automation, make their investors happy as projects that will generate profit in the future. Office projects, which stand out as new-generation workspaces, continue to maintain their value in the future by offering environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions.

Advantages of UAE Offices for İnvestment

The United Arab Emirates, which has become one of the largest economic and investment centers in the Middle East, also stands out with its investment offices. Buying an office for investment in the emirates where large companies and world-famous brands come together brings the following advantages;

  • Being close to famous brands
  • Being in one of the most important economic centers of the Middle East
  • Owning an office whose value is increasing day by day
  • Being close to social amenities
  • Taking part in projects with a future vision

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