5 Mistakes You Shouldn't Make When Choosing a Rental Office

The United Arab Emirates has become an investment country with its growing economic and social fabric. Rental Office opportunities are increasing in the emirates where the heart of the business world beats. However, it is necessary to be careful when choosing a rental office. So definitely don't make these 5 mistakes.

The United Arab Emirates offers many key locations for moving to a new office or opening an office for the first time. In the heart of the economy and commerce, you may have many reasons to keep or move your office to large plazas. For example;

  • You now have a business too big to be called a startup.
  • Your team is growing and your office may be getting smaller as you get bigger.
  • You may want to move to a place where your industry is concentrated.
  • High prestige where every sector is together; you may want to be in places where there are workspaces, such as collaborating with your potential customers.
  • You may not want to deal with details such as water, electricity, heating, and furniture selection, which have extra costs and will take a large part of your time, and you may have decided to prefer ready-made office solutions that offer many more services. In addition to all these services.

However, there are 5 important mistakes to be aware of.

1- Do not rush to rent an office

Just before the first 6 months of the year, you received a notification that your lease would expire 18 months later, and you immediately started looking for a new office. What is this rush Considering that the lease agreements of other companies are long-term like yours (with exceptions), we can say that it is very difficult to find suitable offices.

Of course, you will find the most suitable office type for your company. Maybe in a day, maybe in 3 months. But “18 months” is quite a long time to look for an office.

It may be more convenient for you to look for new office space 3-4 months ago.

2- Don't Make Inflexible Plans

Since we go beyond our plans from time to time even in the simplest things, we need to be able to see that our needs are different from what we actually planned in our office selection preferences.

You may have a team of only 10 people and you may be planning to rent a large flat in a suitable location for this team.

At this point, if you expand your boundaries a little, you can see that serviced office solutions are a much more suitable choice for you.

3- Don't Abuse Your Budget

As a matter of fact, after finding the most suitable office type for your company, it is easier to decide what your budget limits will be. In this case, decide first. Considering that solutions such as serviced offices are more advantageous in apartments than rental workplaces, it makes more sense not to include the apartment in the list.

4- Don't Take Unofficial Steps

Although not very often, sometimes you may encounter problems in the formalization part of the job. You may have loved the office you will rent, and even dreamed of having all your teammates in it. You can even shake hands with the company that provides the service.

What about the contract? Words fly, and writing remains. For this reason, as soon as you are sure of everything, it is useful to start official proceedings as soon as possible.

5- Do Not Rely On The Internet Completely

The information resource is now widely available online. Although there are images of all office types on the Internet, it may be good to visit your office by getting a quote before renting it. If it is a reliable company, I do not think that the office images will be different from the existing ones, but face-to-face meetings can give you an advantage in some cases.

For example, there may be a campaign that has not yet been published on the Internet and you can benefit from it. The type of office you have in mind may be different from the type of office you actually need, and you can choose the one that suits you better, both in terms of budget and opportunities, through consultants.

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