Al Karama Guide: Area, Neighborhoods, Amenities, & Lifestyle

Al Karama is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Dubai; mostly residential areas but commercial establishments as well. Due to the earliest establishment, Al Karama had now become the center of the city. Located center of the City, Al Karama is the most famous place to live. It almost connects all prominent area of the city. Al Karama is part of Bar Dubai and is unique due to its low-rise residential buildings. 

Due to that fact, Al Karama is the oldest residential place; there are no giant skyscrapers, and most are developed on tight grids. Al Karama only had an area of 2KM, but it’s home to thousands of people; that’s why Al Karama is widely considered the most populated area in Dubai. Al Karama is also the home of embassies, consulates, and many other official buildings. It’s near the famous Zabeel Park, which separates this neighborhood from the main Sheikh Zayed Road. The first-ever private mall in UAE (Burjaman Mall) is also in Al Karama.

The structural change in Al Karama made it stands apart from the glass skyscrapers lined up in the rest of Dubai. Since it’s the most populated area, it is also the most famous place to rent an apartment. The area is also self-sufficient in housing, reputed hospitals, shopping malls, and entertainment hubs for its residents.

Properties in Al Karama 

Al Karama had an abundance of residential apartments and flats, that’s why it gives accommodation to thousands of people. The low-rise buildings had a well-connected apartment. The properties at Al Karama are always high in demand due to their ideal location and connectivity. Moreover, affordable rents are also another factor for renting an apartment in Al Karama. 


The residential apartments at Al Karama are comprised of Studios, 1,2- and 3 bedrooms. The average size of the studio is 300-610 sq. feet, whereas 1BHK can 1800 sq. ft. Moreover, 3 BHK units can be up to 2,000 sq. ft listed below are further details of rentals in Al Karama. 

Apartment Type

Average Rental Price in AED

  1. Studio 42,000
  2. 1-bed 60,000
  3. 2-bed 77,000
  4. 3-bed 99,000

In terms of renting a place in Al Karama, it's most affordable for every income bracket. The asking price for renting a studio can be ADE 30K, and 1BHK cost an average of ADE 60K. Whereas, 2BHK flats can cost up to ADE 50K, while a 3-bed apartment cost’s almost ADE 99K annually. 

All the apartments in Al Karama had adequate facilities, including swimming pools, kids' play areas, Gyms, and many other activities for leisure. 

Wasl Hub is the most popular community in Al Karam. This development is spread over 170,000 sq. ft. in which, more than 60,000 sq. ft of land is assigned to shops, restaurants, cafes, and many other places devoted to serving residents. Whereas, Karama center ranked as the 2nd-most popular community, followed by Wasl Aqua & Wasl Topaz. 

Malls In Al Karama 

Al Karama had many stores and supermarkets, and Malls to fulfill the needs of its residents. A few famous malls and superstores in Al Karama are: 

Parks in Al Karama 

Karama Park, (Monuments & Places of Interest) in Al Karama, Dubai

The Al Karama Park is a hidden gem with its small boundaries and old-style clock within the central roundabout of the park. Al Karama Park is always ready to welcome visitors with many activities counting badminton, Cricket, Chatting, Jogging, Cycling, and others. 

Schools & Universities in Al Karama

What makes Al Karama best are its educational options ranging from Nurseries to senior schools. These educational institutes are very feasible to its residents due to their lower fees, and good academic quality compared to other expensive schools in Dubai. Listed below are famous schools and nurseries located in Al Karama. 

Nurseries in Al Karama 

Schools in Al Karama 

Universities in Al Karama 

Health Care at Al Karama 

Healthcare facilities are available in every part of the community. Al Karama had few of the most renowned hospitals of Dubai. 

  • Rashid Hospital and Metropolitan Medical Centre
  • American Hospital Dubai 
  • Aster Hospital Mankhool 
  • Aster Clinic Karama (UMC),
  • Al Raas Private Medical Clinic 
  • New Apollo Polyclinic.
  • Lifeline Medical Centre

Living in Al Karama had many benefits, but the area mainly consists of apartments suited for small families and singles only. Al Karama is populated. Therefore, traffic can be a problem at peak hours.

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