So far, it’s the most well-known city of middle-east, often described as the Vegas of middle-east. Praised for businesses, tourism, real estate industry, it is also known as the city of dreams. It had some of the most beautiful livable communities to offer, Commercial & business hubs, and prime-residential areas to offer. Predominantly, when Dubai wants to do things on a massive scale. It’s the home of the World's tallest buildings, Supersize hotels, Grand malls, Theme parks with huge roller-coasters, alive Aquariums, and Sparkling supercars, exactly the place for wealth. In other words, everything is luxury in Dubai.

Crane your head to see the world’s tallest building- The Burj Khalifa, then post your photos, in form of the world’s largest flower arrangements at Miracle Garden. Drive through the spinal column of Dubai at 16-lane Sheikh Zayed Road. Outdoor activities, parasailing at the beachfront, The Dubai Mall, Desert Safari, Dubai Metro, Dubai Skydive, Creeks, and sunny beaches. Moreover, thousands of more things to do. Glamorous Nightlife, offers bars, clubs, and many other sources of entertainment. Indeed, Dubai- the unbelievable sprawling effloresces of steel, glass, and concrete, spread miles over the scorching sands of Arabia.

Expats from all over the world are enjoying their lives at one of the world’s most loveable places in the world because the city had the world’s most expensive, expressive, and well-managed properties to offer. From Penthouses to huge Villas, and apartments ranging from 1BHK to thousands of feet luxury apartments. The city is also going to host Expo2020, and ready to impress visitors with beach fronts such as Jumeirah Beach Residence, Dubai Marina, La Mer, and The Downtown. The real-estate developments in Dubai are one of the world’s fastest developed with the most advanced architecture. This article is inscribed to scratch things in detail for our readers.

With his visionary leadership & oil money; The ruler of Dubai, “His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum” turned this Arabian desert into a modern miracle. 

Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum: Cooperation & Partnership - The  Business Year "We have never been, nor ever will be among those who rest on their laurels; nor those who obsess on their success; nor those who believe that the march forward will continue automatically. “

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai

Tourism in Dubai

Aimed to become “The world-leading tourist destination”, every development in Dubai is intended to draw more tourists from around the world. With its vision to put Dubai at the front of the world as a leading tourist destination; the mission of the tourist industry is to move forward. The key focus areas are to enhance the awareness of the audience, to attract inwards investments, and to boom its real-estate sector by offering some of the world's most expensive properties and beautiful places to see & live. 

Romanian tourism to Dubai surges 24 percent

According to annual visitor reports, 

“The city welcomed 16.73 million overnight visitors in 2019 from 233 destinations, 5.1% more compared to 2018.” 

Even the world saw the very first flight of Emirates Airlines in 1985 from a sandy stripe. With firm determinations, Solid developments, and steely decisions from its leadership the international communities noticed miracles erecting from its dunes. Dubai's global reputation is dependent on trade, ports, tourism, and friendly opportunities for businesses. 

Relatively, in its very-short history, it becomes the leading tourist destination. By becoming the 4th most visited country in 2019, the city had achieved several milestones in a very petite time. 

The landscape developments, real estate industry, and most modern infrastructure are behind all this success. The connection between real estate and Dubai Tourism so far is deep-rooted. Several residential, commercial, entertainments, and infrastructure projects are underdeveloped in the emirate. This real estate industry, its commercial & residential properties and other developments are made to ensure the unique vision for an intelligent integration between property markets and tourism.

Dubai Real Estates

The real estate industry is one of the most backed and stronger developed areas of Dubai’s economy, which contributed more than enough. Despite the impacts of COVID-19, the real estate industry is expected to show positive growth in the coming years. 

The Real Estate Industry

In 2019, developers started different projects resulting in delivering almost 13,215 units by the end of the year. However, the actual completion rate was lesser. Therefore, 6500 units were completed in the year 2019. But the momentum continues to build over; more than 20,000 units were completed and delivered till April 2020. Developments are mostly undergoing in the areas, which are near Expo2020 sites. 

To be more accurate 

Listed below are some communities with most focused developments.

  • Business Bay
  • Town Square 
  • Downtown Dubai 
  • Dubai Sports City 
  • Dubai Media City 
  • Dubai Production City. 

Dubai property market summary 2020 (YTD)

  • 56 Projects Deliver 
  • 16,493 Units Deliver 
  • 119.1 Billion (total sales) 
  • 36,450 Total Sales Volume 

Opportunity for Investors 

The above-discussed projects are all results of anticipations of the massive influx of visitors: the Expo2020 was bringing. Due to Covid-19, the completion time for many ongoing projects is prolonged. Therefore, it's an optimum situation for developers to complete their ongoing development projects ahead of the mega-event in 2021.

Communities & Neighborhoods in Dubai

As known as Jewel of the Middle East, almost all the Neighborhoods had their plus points. But, discussed below are some of the most demanded properties and communities to live and to invest in Dubai. 

Al Barsha. The residential area of Al Barsha is generally considered one of the best locations in Dubai. Ideally located, Al Barsha areas had almost all the amenities of life including Educational centers, Hospitals, Sports complexes, Public transport, and others.

Rose Garden Hotel Apartment in Al Barsha, Dubai - Book a hotel Dubai

Dubai Marina: Another great place to live & enjoy. Luxury apartments with Waterfront views, Shopping malls, Delicious cuisines, and nightlife with clubs, bars and other places to hang out. 

Arabic Ranches: Located in suburbs outside of city life, offer a variety of luxurious villas at different prices. Landscape gardens and a calm neighborhood are managed and maintained will all amenities including beautiful streets full of trees. This locality includes shopping malls, excellent schools, the best transport & traffic solutions, and high-quality health facilities. It is the best area for families as well. 

Al-Barari. The real green lands of Dubai, because this place won’t let you think that you’re living in a desert. This momentary area is providing great ambiance and a balanced lifestyle by providing a backdrop for your kids. Open places, with wide parking, and Al-Barari is developed to participate in sustainability and a green environment. Renting a villa in Al-Barari can cost up to Dh400K annually. 

Sports City. Developed for people who enjoy an athletic life. Within Sports City, one can enjoy all indoor and outdoor activities. Amenities here include the Gymnasium, Cricket stadium, Rugby ground, Golf course and In-house sports complexes for other games. Apart from that, it’s also an affordable area to live in. 

JLT (Jumeirah Lake Towers) are located between Dubai Marina & Jumeirah heights along with the massive 16-lane Sheikh Zayed Road. JLT is a hub for luxurious residential apartments, hotel apartments, 4 artificial lakes, Two Metro stations, and Dubai Tram, excellent facilities are available. The prices are comparatively higher in terms of rent and purchasing.

Mirdif. Mirdif located north of the international city and east of Dubai International Airport is one of the most affordable places for ex-pats moving to Dubai. Centrally located, Mirdif best place for investment within the limited options. It also choices between baccalaureate and GCSE schools & other educational centers.

Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC) is an affordable living community with high-end villas and townhouses. JVC is a neighbor to Emirates hills and Barsha. JVC always attracts residents from

everywhere in terms of renters and purchasers. 

Moreover, we’re going to share the details of all the other neighborhoods & communities. Meanwhile, you can visit our prime-properties for more information.  

Malls & Entertainment 

In recent years Dubai had earned its reputation as a world-class entertainment destination. Dubai’s central locations make it the most attractive to the world. Its international airports are international passenger hub. In the year 2016, it hosted almost 83.6 million people. It had never-ending entertainment. 

The hard-earned reputation is steadily growing & gained its maturity. Its nightlife is full of things to do. Nightclubs, Aquarius, Burj Khalifa, the dancing fountains, theme-based shows, and world-class shopping malls never let you sit free. Let’s see the most-amazing malls and destinations in Dubai to visit.  

Malls: Malls: Dubai had some of the world's biggest malls. It always stays packed with hundreds of shops from all over the world. These stores had top-notch fashion from almost every brand. The malls are huge, and even for new visitors, it becomes hard to navigate. Apart from shopping, other attractions within these malls are also delightful; like a Colossal Complex including the Ice-rink, an underwater zoo, the great Dubai Aquarium, the dancing fountain, and a cinema. The business opportunity and rental yields are extremally good and can reach up to Dh 12000 per square meter. 

Dhow Cruise in Creek: Nothing is best other than a boat dinner to feel the glittering night skyline of Dubai, that why it is one of the best activities to do. Once you’re at the boat for dinners, the traditional Emirati Music, Belly dancing, and delicious gastronomic fares make it one of the most fascinating entertainment options. It will become a Memorizing experience. 

Dubai fountain shows, the underwater zoo, Burj Al Arab, Dubai ski, Dubai skydive, a visit to Burj Khalifa, its nightlife including, bars, clubs and deserts safaris will become the most memorable experience for any visitor. 

Business Opportunities: The city offers a wide array of facilities for business events and opportunities to start a new business. From a small office to a conference attended by thousands, Dubai had the answer to everything.

Managing and owning a business in Dubai isn’t a hard thing to do. The government always supports new investors. Listed below are the top 5 industries where one can invest. 

“The goals are clear; the road is paved and the clock ticks; there is no place for hesitation. There are many who talk, we accomplish.” Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

E-Commerce: This sector noticed a sudden boost, while it has not yet entered the market maturities like the USA, China, or EU. What’s exciting is that it offers the best margins and owners can target a lot of shoppers from every part of the world. 

Construction: New developments are ongoing, and this opens huge opportunities for professionals attached to supporting industries like raw material, maintenance, suppliers, and other elements which give necessary participation in the expansion of infrastructure. 

Real estate: Developing and expanding infrastructure is equally necessary to do accurately but these developments are should be presented fairly. This is where real- estate management came in. Dubai real estate and properties management companies already made records of business profits. 

Hospitality: Over 15 million overnight visitors are welcomed each year and by the end of 2020, the hospitality industry is set to grow by over 25,000 rooms. The hospitality industry in Dubai alone created 400,000 Jobs. Whereas, joined by the soaring beyond 100,000 rooms fix for the welcome and showing hospitality. 

Financial Services: Large-scale infrastructure and fully develop financial systems always demand professional services of auditing, accounting, and bookkeeping. If somebody is thinking to invest in financial services, then the industry is flourishing and fully developed with too many opportunities awaiting. 

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