Are you planning to buy a house? The United Arab Emirates offers many opportunities in this regard. There are stylish and useful houses in many emirates, especially Dubai houses for sale and Abu Dhabi houses for sale. But you should check out these tips to help you find the right property for you and keep you and your family happy in the long run. Here are the things to consider when buying a house


Perhaps the most important issue when buying a house is located. A great location will always remain an asset. You can make a bad house attractive, but you cannot make a bad place more beautiful, but a well-located property will be a profitable investment. Would you rather walk to the cafe in the morning or not have to deal with noisy neighbors? Do not hesitate to research according to your wishes before starting your search. If possible, spend some time in the neighborhood where you will be buying your home. Walk around the area and let your real estate agent know when you find areas you like. This information will help your real estate agent find the right home for you. It's also better to find a place near your job that will save you time and transportation costs.

The Right Amount of Space

The trick to finding your dream home is knowing how much space you really need. Buying a house that is too small for your family will result in a constant configuration of space. Likewise, buying a very large property will allow you to expand, but it will come at huge costs. In addition to considering your current life situation, it is also useful to think about your plans for the future. If you think you will add new members to your family in the near future, you should plan an extra room.

House Age

When buying a home, the age of the property makes a significant difference. An older home may have a certain appeal, but such homes may need more upgrades, repairs and improvements. If you are looking to buy an old home, you should make sure you have enough time and budget for the renovation projects that will be needed.


When buying a home, a very important factor to consider is the accessibility of basic infrastructure in the area. Before buying a home, find out if the basic but necessary infrastructures are in place.

Your Ideal Home Style

How a house looks is one of the first things you and other people notice about a property. That's why finding a home style that fits your personality is absolutely essential. Single homes are a great choice for those who want the freedom to customize a property to its exact specifications. Apartment living is for those who want to own their own home while still having access to hotel-style amenities. Once you know which lifestyle you prefer, you can focus on aesthetics.

Maintenance and repair

Before signing, you should check the renovations and renovations of the house in detail. Replacing devices can be expensive. Consider your choice of household appliances and the age of appliances in the house. Some projects may be easy to complete, but others may require more time and money. The total expense for any home remodeling job you might want to do can increase the purchase price significantly. Since the age and condition of the house at the time of purchase will affect the repair and maintenance costs, you should also include the maintenance costs of your home in your budget.

Green Open Space

It is natural for a homeowner to have a desire for green open space. It is also an important factor to consider when buying a house. Walk around the local to see the surroundings, trees, other houses, and scenery before you buy. The green and open environment around the home can greatly affect its desirability for you and future buyers.

Schools and Colleges

Buying a home near a good school or college will not only make your life easier, but it will also have a better potential for capital growth. Although the house may cost a little more in such an area, you can be sure that its resale value will be much higher. Also, the house near a school or college quickly gets rented and stays on rent.

Kitchen Layout

The layout of the kitchen plays a role in the function of the space. If you spend a lot of time tidying the kitchen, you might want to consider a more open kitchen layout. If you don't cook often, a smaller or enclosed kitchen may be sufficient for you.


The ideal number of bedrooms for each family will vary. If you are planning to expand your family in the future, you should consider a house with more bedrooms than you currently need. Extra bedrooms are ideal for families looking to host guests or can also function as office space. You should consider how you intend to use the bedroom space to make the right purchase in the short and long term.


The number of bathrooms in a home can be an important factor for many homeowners. Consider how many people will use each bathroom. Does every bathroom have a bathtub or shower?

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